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Cleaner MW-001 C

Cleaner MW-001 C is a water based cleaner equal to MEK and can be use as replacement. It generally use for syntethic leather, midsole, and uppersole. It will reduce Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) at factory environment. It contains less than 15% solvent liquid.

It has following advantages

1). Biodegradable

2). Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)

3). Environmentally Friendly

Physical Properties

Appearance : Clear
PH @ 25 *C : 5-6
Gravity : 1.00 + – 0.10 g/mL
Solubility in water : Complete
Application : Cleaner for Syntethic Leather, Midsole, Upper etc.
Drying Time : 1-2 minutes (60 C) 4 – 6 minutes  (RT)
Shelf Life : 1 year


25 kg net weight of plastic containers

Health and Safety Information


  • Classified and labelled according to the regulations to transport dangerous substances
  • Protective measurements to store and handle
  • Measures in case of accidents and fires
  • Toxicity and ecological effects


Health and Safety Information is provided in our material safety data sheets.

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