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Technical Data Sheets

Silicon DKF mold releases will provide SMOOTH release for Rubber compound and other compound that equal with rubber compound.




  • Easy  Release
  • No Transfer
  • Reduce Build-up
  • Environmentally Friendly Waterbased Formulas




  • Lower Scrap
  • Better Cosmetics
  • Increase Productivity
  • Superior Release-Ease




Mandrel Surface Preparation

Clean mould with  solvent and/or high pH detergent ( or other means ) to remove all traces of prior release agent and dirt build-up. Although  may work well on a dirty tool, starting with a clean tool will provide the best result.

Application of SILICONE DKF

Base Coat

For best result, the tool should be coated thoroughly by Silcone DKF. The uncured rubber  need apply the silicone to ensure the full coat all the surface between maould and rubber  surface.

Apply the silicone to mandrel surface every process inserting uncured rubber compound to mandrel.

Packaging:  SILICONE DKF  product is available in 20 Liters container

Handling and Storage:

Silicone DKF product is stable and require no mixing. Container should be keep closed and below 120 F or 49 C. Keep waterbased products from freezing.

Safety Precaution: Consult Material Safet Data Sheets.

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