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Release Agent MD-315 SM for Polyurethane (PURA MD-315 SM)

Release Agent MD-315 SM is a water based mold release agent for Polyurethane. The formula is specialized with high molecular weight-compound. It meets the requirements of  Polyurethane, plastics and rubber molding industry.

Main purpose of this release agent is to realize a faultless demoulding of thermosetting resins, thermoplastics resins and rubber parts by forming a thin layer release agent between the surface of the mold and the molding compound. It provides smoothness on automatic production.

Usage of PURA MD-315 SM

PURA MD-315 SM is an external mold release agent.


  • For the production of thermosetting resins such as polyurethane and Phenolic Resin.
  • For the production of rubbers such as synthetic and natural rubber
  • For an anti-blocking agent



  1. Exhibit an excellent efficiency for releasing
  2. Low build up/cleaner mold
  3. Optimal surface finished quality
  4. Compatibilty with secondary operation
  5. Less downtime
  6. Higher quality parts
  7. Safer working environments


  1. Applied to the mold surfaces with an air spray gun or brush.
  2. Diluted possibility with a scale 1 : 30  to water or depends on user preference.
  3. Possible to use at mold temperature between 23 (room temperature) to 200 degrees celcius.
  4. Spray at least 30 cm distance between sprayer and the molds to obtain identical films.


Appearance : Milky White Liquid
Boiling Point (760 mm Hg) : Approx., 205 – 215 F
Specific Gravity (H2O = 1) : 0.90 – 1.1 g/ml
Solubility in Water (% By WT) : 100 %
PH (at  77 degrees F) :  8- 12
Viscosity : 6,000 – 10,000 cps


25 Kg/jerrycan or 200 Kg/plastic drum


For industrial use only

Store at the ambient temperatures and atmospheric pressure

Keep out of heat, sparks, and open fire

Wear chemical-resistant gloves and chemical safety goggle before get contact with this product.


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