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(For Phylon or EVA)

Release Agent BIO-900H is a water based mould release agent for Phylon or EVA. It will provide multiple releases for EVA compound and other EVA compounds equal to EVA rubber.




  • Multiple Releases
  • Reduce Build-up
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Waterbased Formulas





  • Lower Scrap
  • Better Cosmetics
  • Increase Productivity
  • Superior Release-Ease




Mould Surface Preparation

Clean mould with globule blast media, solvent and/or high pH detergent (or other means)
to remove all traces of prior release agent and dirt build-up. BIO-900H still
work well on a dirty equipment, but starts with a clean equipment will provide the best result.


Application of Release Agent BIO-900H


Bio-900 G could be diluted on a scale 1 : 70 –90 to water or by user reference.

The equipments should be above 180 oF or 82 oC to get the best results.

On spraying purpose, use light spray atomization, apply 3 light coats from different direction, allow the film to dry between coats.

To heat-up (up to 500 oF or 260 oC)

Use similar spraying technique to base coat. At temperatures above 250 oF or 121 oC the film will cure almost instantly. For touching-up, apply only 1 uniform light coating to prevent failure occurs and ensure best performance.


PackagingBIO-900G product is available in 20 liter or 25 liter containers.

Handling and Storage:

The waterbased BIO-900H product is stable and require no mixing. Container should be keep closed and below 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 49 degrees Celcius. Keep out of freezing.

Safety Precaution: Read Material Safety Data Sheets.

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