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mold release agent w-2012

Mold Release Agent Unocoat W-2012

Mold Release Agent Unocoat W–2012

is a semi-permanent water based mold release agent. It will provide multiple release each spray up to 20–30 cycles depend on cleanliness of the mold.

Mold Release Agent Unocoat W-2012 adalah agen pelepasan mold berbahan dasar air. Dapat memberikan beberapa pelepasan setiap satu kali penyemprotan sampai 20-30 pengulangan tergantung pada tingkat kebersihan mesin pencetak.

It has following advantages

1). Boost production

2). No dirt to the molds

3). Environmentally Friendly

Physical Properties
Appearance : Milky White
PH @ 25 *C : 7 -8
Gravity : 1.00 + – 0.10 g/mL
Viscosity : 15 -25
Solubility in water : Complete
Application : Rubber Products Mold Release.
Shelf Life : 1 year
20/25 kg net weigh of plastic containers

Health and Safety Information


  • Classified and labelled according to the regulations to transport dangerous substances
  • Protective measurements to store and handle
  • Measures in case of accidents and fires
  • Toxicity and ecological effects


Health and Safety Information is provided in our material safety data sheets.

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