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(For EPDM & CR Rubber Compounds)

Mandrel Release Agent MD-210 is a silicon free release agent, contain lubricant for rubber hose manufacturers. It applicables for various elastomers include EPDM and CR rubber.

Mandrel Relase Agent MD-210 adalah agen pelepas bebas silikon, menagndung pelumas untuk produksi selang karet. Dapat digunakan untuk berbagai elastomer termasuk EPDM dan CR rubber.

MD-210 designed for shaped radiator hose manufacturers and could be used to lubricate other type of hoses and other vulcanized rubbers.

MD-290 dibuat untuk produsen selang radiator yang terbentuk dan dapat digunakan untuk melumasi tipe selang dan karet vulkanisir lainnya.

MD-210 could be dissolved and diluted in water, so it easily washable with only water after its application.

MD-290 dapat larut dan cair di dalam air, sehingga setelah penggunaan dapat dicuci hanya menggunakan air.

MD-210 should not be exposed on the temperatures below 0 (zero) degrees Celcius, it caused solidifying to this product. Solidified product could be restored on the temperatures 40 (fourty) degrees Celcius and stir it well to restore its homogeneity.

Hindari suhu dibawah nol derajat celcius, karena produk ini dapat membeku. Produk yang membeku dapat dipulihkan dengan suhu 40 derajat celcius dan harus diaduk untuk mengembalikannya ke wujud semula.

Physical Properties

Form : Liquid
Appearance and Odorness : Milky White
Boiling Point ( 760 mm Hg ) : Approx., 171F
Specific Gravity ( H2O = 1 ) : 1.02  +  0.01 g/ml
Solubility in Water : Soluble
Shelf Life : At least 2 years under normal conditions, avoid frost.
Packing : 200 kg/drum.

Health and Safety Information

  • Classified and labelled according to the regulations to transport dangerous substances
  • Protective measurements to store and handle
  • Measures in case of accidents and fires
  • Toxicity and ecological effects

Health and Safety Information is provided in our material safety data sheets

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