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Super Adhesive M-888 is a single component, medium viscocity cyanoacrylate adhesive. It is suitable for general purpose bonding, particularly providing excellent strength and speed on all rubber compounds and metal surfaces.

Physical Properties of Uncured Adhesive

Chemical Composition : Cyanoacrylate
Apperance : Colorless
Viscocity @250C : 70 – 90 mPa
Specific Gravity : 1.1


Surface Preparation

Surface should be clean, dry and grease-free before applying the product. Use suitable solvent (such as acetone or isopropanol) for the degreasing the surface. Some metals such as allumunium, copper and its alloys will benefit from light abrasion with emery cloth (or similar), to remove the oxide layer.

Directions for use:

1). Apply the adhesive sparingly to one surface.

2). Bring the components together quickly and correctly.

3). Apply sufficient pressure to ensure the adhesive spread into thin film.

4). Do not disturb or re-align until sufficient strength is achieved, normally in few seconds.

5) Any surplus adhesive can be removed with nitromethane or acetone.


Products should be stored unopened in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Products should be kept at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Protect from extreme heat or cool, do not refrigerate.

Note :

The data contained herein are furnished for information only and are believed to be reliable.

It is the user’s responsibility to determine the suability the product or of any production methods mentioned herein and to adopt such precautionas may be advisable for the protection of property and persons against any hazards that may be involved in the handling and use thereof.

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